6. Value of a cars is bonked IMO


Okay, I know, my car isn’t the best. 90:s Toyota Corolla with over 300 000 km driven, which swallows oil like gasoline, does that sound like a great car to you? Of course not. Not my car up there by the way, just a copyright-free image of similar stuff.

What I am curious about is the value of the car- mine is cheap like scrap metal. I got it for 500 euros. I have done some repair with my relatives, which adds up to few hundred euros more, about the same I bought it for- 500. This includes new battery, new brake pads, new radiator etc etc, normal stuff which wears down over the time. This adds up for 1000€ + tires, which I have bought two, winter and summer tires (Finnish stuff). So 1600€-ish.

I have driven it for three years. Three years for little over 1600€ in specific-car related cost. Little over 500€ a year or euro and quarter + some for a day. There are some people willing to take a loan for a new or nearly new car, which costs ten to thirty times the amount. Sounds like a good deal to you? Of course I exclude rich, who do not have to think about money that much.

This is classical stuff. Want to buy a new computer? Or get old one for almost free, since the material cost of building stuff is so high. You have to factor in the cost of labor and the stuff in the actual car. With so many used cars on market, you can get a car living on benefits in Finland. But people like to spend on a car. It is a status symbol, which I do not care for myself. I can’t understand my co-workers, who get a loan to get that new Yaris which will lose third of its value in tax after you drive it off the shop.


5. I used to hate F1- now I am the biggest fan



Formula One is so stupid, is it not? Twenty or so cars running in a circle chasing each other and an overtakes being a rare occasion. Same teams dominating for last seven years, and with some creative liberties we can say last eight championships were won by two big teams- Red Bull and Mercedes.

It is like an analogy of football versus ice hockey which I often hear. Ice hockey yields more goals, but once one happens in football it can decide a game outright.

Why I used to hate F1 was it was boring to watch and I used to think it was useless burn of fuel. I briefly watched, if I am not completely mistaken, some of Bahrain GP 2012– and I was hooked. As a Finn I gasped as Kimi Räikkönen tried to overtake Vettel in breathtaking last laps. It did not happen, but Räikkönen climbed from place 11 to almost victory. These are the moments I watch sports for.

Is it still a useless burn of fuel? Well, you see, teams have many liberties in how they want to design a car. This is why some teams dominate. I have no data but I assume many creative engineers, likes of Adrian Newey, make six- to seven figures. They are the best of the best car designers. They have invented numerous advancements to aerodynamics and downforce, which might not have been. Also the sport advances safety devices in cars.

Seriously, watch replays of season of 2012 and you will become a fan. Moments like and last-race nailbaiter moment when, spoiler alert, championship candidate Vettel spun at the start of the race and it was seemingly all lost? See for yourself.

4. Investing and motivation behind it


Investing is a way of life to myself. I am addicted to it. Currently I put around 40% of my income straight into stock and other 20% directly or indirectly towards investments or to my mortgage. Which I do not recommend you paying off. Many people do, why not pay it? Because if you invest that money, you will most likely gain more than your interest is right now. Now a big red flag: I am not a investing guru in any form and I do not take responsibility for any financial damage etc.

Why do this? This has severely limited my options of spending. My car’s value is around 500€, my clothes are the cheapest t-shirts and jeans, my vaccuum cleaner right there is probably from the eighties, which I got from my mother. Live like it was your last day?

No. What motivates me, is that I take gradually more and more of my salary to home and less to investing as my portfolio grows in value. My salary has increased every month since I moved on my own in Dec last year. It did not take drastic changes to my lifestyle, because I am very cheap, and the money I take home I can spend as I want.

I do not earn very much, around 2000€/month, which is way less than avg. Finn income. Still, I know, that if I continue this, I will make way more than those who don’t. Seeing my stocks grow up is like methamphetamine to me.

3. Poaching and having no choise



I often see statements online and elsewhere like this, which is totally understandable: illegal poaching is horrible thing to do. Why would anyone do such a thing? You have to understand the motivation behind poaching, or farming drugs, or prostitution, or child labor, or insert a issue here. It is a way to earn.

If you read this, you probably are very well off. Rockefeller himself would be jealous in his age of what today’s middle class takes for itself. Technology and healthcare have evolved so much since then.

Isn’t child labor horrible? Yes, of course it is. But what is the alternative? Child prostitution or outright stealing. Isn’t poaching horrible? Well, as well yes. What is the alternative? Having way less of an living standard.

First world people have problems with this concept, because what they don’t understand: go kill an elephant or die at the street. It might be that drastic.

Of course I condemn most of activities I just listed, but for many people in the world, they are the way of survival and that is why they do them. World is not all shining rainbows like here in Finland, where I live, or in the US, or in most of western civilization.

2. Why North Korea is a real threat


North Korea has recently once again done a bit of missile tests, which US and most of the world condemn as war-mongering. But US has an aircraft carrier on the way and China has been vocal about sending troops near border, so this state of terror is just a show for both sides, as usual.

Anyone can probably speculate on who would win a war if and if. In case NK, they would be sore losers and a war declared on either US, South Korea or China or Japan for that matter, would almost certainly result in destruction of North Korean system of power and ending the Kim dynasty of terror. They don’t either want to take a risk.

But NK is special. Most would agree a state in complete control of a crazy dictator is a threat to peace in nearby countries. NK possesses, if not well-equipped, at least a numerous army of men. Dilemma is, that longer they continue, better equipped they are.

Why really makes NK special, is that with their resources and total control of one man, who is not playing by any Geneva Convention rules. I would not suspect that they would not use CBRN-weapons and if a war would happen they would take many SK civilians with nasty tricks like biological weapons, gas last used in WW1 and dirty bombs, to name a few.

1. Why did I put out a blog with WordPress?


There are many reasons why I chose WordPress to publish this blog. I acknowledge the problems with WordPress, especially I don’t like messy coding behind many plugins, but the ease of using WordPress as well as the scope of many possible plugins is a great bonus.

Bigger reason behind is, that they provide free hosting, in a platform I personally am familiar with using and give out reasonably recognizable domain name for free. I am not willing to spend my hard earned cash in this blog, because the outcome will be the same.

I have done many amateur sites and experimented with basic web programming in php, css and html, but don’t practically like it. Consider this; why as a game designer would you program a new game engine, when there are thousands of engines to choose from? Answer is, that you would program something other engines won’t do that you need.

And what do I need? A platform to publish text, with some images for flavor, in simplistic fashion. I do not need to spend my little free time in programming, even though I sometimes love the problem-solving and learning nature of it.

Reasoning behind the name is me being not very creative.