So I used to own one just like one above. A Tesoro Durandal unit with Cherry MX Blue keys. I kinda liked it first. Good feeling, clicky clack, loud, but fun to use. Feels different from membrane keyboard. Technically way faster (response time). at least when using ps2-connector. Which I did. So what gives?

First, the price. It cost me 60 euros to buy that mech. It is not the cheapest one, as you can get membrane units from anywhere between dumpster and twenty bucks.

Second, the real reason. I like to drink coffee and honestly, eat around my computer table. You see, mechanical keyboards really do not like it and suffer. I have spilled coffee numerous times on my Logitech K120, no problems, I am writing with it right now.

Mechanical does not compute with coffee. I think my unit died at least somewhat of the spilling or it was still water inside. Might be also all the dirt and gunk inside as I opened it, looked like a trashcan.

I think that is enough reasoning for me to not use another 60 euros to a keyboard. I am better off with K120. And your friends won’t hate you if you use any kind of voice com.


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