Does not look like that. Two days ago it was like summer once again, sun was shining and it was warm. No snow, just like summer, besides shorter day and being cold in the morning.

Yesterday I looked out of my window in the morning. About 10 cm of snow on top of everything. Be damned. Temperature gauge says something like -3 Celsius. I felt like going back to winter in one day. As I walked to my car I noticed it was time to do my favorite hobby; brushing the snow off it. So annoying in the morning.

That is what spring in Finland is all about. Extreme temperature changes as well as sun showing itself very irregularly. It can rain snow or rain or somewhere in between. It is depressing, at least to me as native Finn, to see snow once again. Summers are short here and I like to enjoy sun and warmth as a privilege.

As summer comes, our massive bodies of thousands of lakes will melt up. They will naturally take some fishers with them to downstream, a nasty truth. It is so fun to go fishing on top of ice- when it is warm- but remember- it might be your last fishing trip.


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