I have never understood people who use their phone as primary device to use internet. It feels so clunky, when you have two monitors, better input with keyboard & mouse and a fast computer with programs far outreaching the capability of a “smartphone”, to use one.

I understand it in the sense thought. Internet is an amazing tool and having it “on-the-go” is world-changing. I personally use my phone mostly as a navigator and random google searching.

But why do you use your phone when there is the possibility to use a computer? It is never going to be better. Small screen, non-optimized websites, even worse pop-ups than in desktop and worse, inaccurate input as touchscreen.

I am very biased thought, since I can’t remember the last day I have not used a PC at work or home, or at least a laptop. It must be at least over year ago, maybe at my friends cabin two summers ago. Computer is so great tool.

Computers are dirt-cheap today. You can literally dumpster-dive one or salvage one for five bucks or so. In my opinion, every adult in first world does need a computer or would benefit from it greatly. Phones will never be as good tools in the work.


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