That tower looks sick. My tower looks not as sick and full of dust. But that is not the topic I want to discuss. I want to discuss video games.

You know, back as a kid it was enough to have good graphics and lots of slposions. Today, what I tend to play is more and more complex. I play and have played lots of real-time strategy games, which I adore. Right now, I play COH 2 actively on the ladder and Starcraft 2 occasionally, as well as AOE 2, AOM with my friends.

Other titles, which I have passion for is simulators, not those shitty goat ones, but those with actually good simulations. I currently am looking forward to fixing my wheel (broke off a cord) or buying a new one. I used to play this game called Live For Speed for days with it. It was just so great in the realism-department- if you hit your car to a wall- you somtimes can continue, but it will be bent.

Other more authistic (sorry in advance for that term) titles include Capitalism 2, which has been one of my favorite games for over 10 years for now, and President Forever 2016, a indie game witch simulates US presidential elections greatly. I admit it, time invested in these two titles would have allowed me to become at least a congressman in US or I would have a legit business.

I play CS GO and stuff like that with my friends, as well as lots of early 2000s shooters, not going to even list all, so many. I also adore cheesy games, ones like cult classic Harvester.


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