Now this is a touchy subject. That person there is a idealist. He thinks that that open borders would work like magic and everything would be fine with global borders.

I don’t. I don’t think that is going to work for the next thousand years or so. I personally don’t have any issues or had any issues with immigrants. In Finland there is a growing debate about European immigration as is in many European countries. Some people don’t want any asylum-seekers- some hate our government for deporting some.

I am a realist. I am not even going to argue stuff like increased crime rates in asylum population, no. I think that it is impossible to continue our welfare systems as they are, if we take everybody in.

You see, Finland has a population, which is highly educated and we tend to have high GDP per capita. It becomes simple math. We can support some immigration, which is going to consume our government money no matter what, for at least a while. Because we give all of these benefits to immigrants, they will come in increasing numbers, which we can’t afford.

These immigrants are not going to magically start making sweet tax Euros to our gov. They will need training and support and some argue even then they are a burden to carry. We can’t afford too many.


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