I just around recently moved on my own, like five months ago. By the way, it has been over five moths, whoah. One thing I can’t stand is making food. No offense to any cooks out there, but I feel like time making food is wasted and making it is boring. I don’t want to cook for hours.

My diet is something some would describe as trash. At work I eat a good lunch, and the food is cheap, plentiful and good in our workplace, as it has a independent restaurant where you can get it. I eat way too much and then I feel turning in my stomach for the rest of the day. Add-in coffee and it is not happy.

But at home, I eat crackers, candy, easy noodles, add-in water stuff and bread with accessories, which I like. You can do a lot with bread. Add in butter, cheese, meat, cucumber, tomatoes, salad leafs and stuff and it is easy, cheap and especially fast stuff to eat.

Also it is way too easy to order a pizza. I am addicted to it. It is so great and they don’t even take any extra cash if there are lot of orders in the area.


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