Look at that. Good cup of coffee. I am a coffee maniac. For instance, today I have drunk, according to my coffee machine’s measurement, 10 cups of small cups of coffee. Lots of caffeine. I love it and am dozy without it.

Today I woke up first time at around 12 am, midday and went to bed yesterday around 00.00. Little bit of sleep deprivation from work and I have no problems sleeping 12 hours, or 16 hours for that matter. I have had days, when after work I just set up my alarm for next morning and sleep for 14 hours, no problem. I am a little baby when it comes to sleep.

After I woke up today, I watched some tv, and slept again at 1 or so. Woke up at 3. I was not ready to wake up? No. I had not had my dose of big cup of coffee.

I love coffee, but I can stop drinking it outright if I have to. But I don’t want to, since it is not dangerous to my health (or I like to assume so and I am a coffeeoholic).

I went trough six months of conscription as many Finn males tend to do and when you are at “the forest” as we like to say practicing fake war, you often don’t have the luxury of coffee or sleep for that matter. It was in the Finnish army that I realized how much it affects my life. I was a zombie. I remember sleeping on hot summer day on my pothole, head resting on my assault rifle.

Caffeine tablets helped a lot. Maybe I am addicted.


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