I used to not care what my computer was. It was just a tool for me. If you start to research around you can find out that it is way more than just a box many people assume.

Then it came to me, whoah, three years ago. I am a avid PC gamer, but I mostly played very old titles from my childhood or something like CS with my friends. I needed a new computer, prebuild was not good enough. I researched around and what computer is for me changed. Before building one sounded like nuclear science, then it all made sense and felt like legos.

I think I read, watched in video form on Youtube and wish-shopped around for months when I built this computer. I loved picking out parts for different budgets and fiddling around with it.

I finally bought some parts, from Germany. Why? Because taxes are lower there and prices are lower there. Add in EU laws and it is cheaper to order from Germany in Finland.

I remember the day when parts came. I was still studying, so I came from school and had some lunch. Door rang. It was this guy with big box and I was excited, sign this and parts were mine.

Then I stated the assembly. It took the whole day, having some problems with those tiny wires which come from front panels (pc people will know). It did not start. But after fidgeting around, it booted.

It was fun. After installing Windows, I spent many hours just testing different fan speeds, configurations (moving them around the case) and looking at temperatures. I was totally hooked. It is a fun hobby, even tough very expensive one.


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