I recently (in start of this week) had a trainee start at my workplace and I am supposed to train him. A interesting proposition. I first thought it would be annoying to teach someone, especially since I have never been at any real teaching position. But I knew the trainee and he is hard-working and willing to learn (he was before at other position at our workplace) as well a nice person.

So I started to train him, and everything goes well. Trainee is not the reason I want to talk about this. Trainee made me realize that I became stagnant at work. I had done everything as a routine, and do not feel the work challenges me. Now it does, since I need to teach every possible pitfall to the trainee as well as lead someone.

It is surprisingly fun to train and succeed at training someone. I never thought about being a leader before, but as I started in my current position almost a year ago- I have continuously put myself in positions where I organize and delegate people and I enjoy succeeding at it way more than my work.

Thinking more outside the box, I also had Easter vacation recently, standard in Finland. More like a longer weekend, we got Friday and next Monday off. I realized it. I have nothing to do. I called my friends “want to go out for a drink?” everyone had something to do with family etc. I visited my mother. My life is empty. When I got to work, I have little to no free time- but I have a routine.


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