Formula One is so stupid, is it not? Twenty or so cars running in a circle chasing each other and an overtakes being a rare occasion. Same teams dominating for last seven years, and with some creative liberties we can say last eight championships were won by two big teams- Red Bull and Mercedes.

It is like an analogy of football versus ice hockey which I often hear. Ice hockey yields more goals, but once one happens in football it can decide a game outright.

Why I used to hate F1 was it was boring to watch and I used to think it was useless burn of fuel. I briefly watched, if I am not completely mistaken, some of Bahrain GP 2012– and I was hooked. As a Finn I gasped as Kimi Räikkönen tried to overtake Vettel in breathtaking last laps. It did not happen, but Räikkönen climbed from place 11 to almost victory. These are the moments I watch sports for.

Is it still a useless burn of fuel? Well, you see, teams have many liberties in how they want to design a car. This is why some teams dominate. I have no data but I assume many creative engineers, likes of Adrian Newey, make six- to seven figures. They are the best of the best car designers. They have invented numerous advancements to aerodynamics and downforce, which might not have been. Also the sport advances safety devices in cars.

Seriously, watch replays of season of 2012 and you will become a fan. Moments like and last-race nailbaiter moment when, spoiler alert, championship candidate Vettel spun at the start of the race and it was seemingly all lost? See for yourself.


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