Investing is a way of life to myself. I am addicted to it. Currently I put around 40% of my income straight into stock and other 20% directly or indirectly towards investments or to my mortgage. Which I do not recommend you paying off. Many people do, why not pay it? Because if you invest that money, you will most likely gain more than your interest is right now. Now a big red flag: I am not a investing guru in any form and I do not take responsibility for any financial damage etc.

Why do this? This has severely limited my options of spending. My car’s value is around 500€, my clothes are the cheapest t-shirts and jeans, my vaccuum cleaner right there is probably from the eighties, which I got from my mother. Live like it was your last day?

No. What motivates me, is that I take gradually more and more of my salary to home and less to investing as my portfolio grows in value. My salary has increased every month since I moved on my own in Dec last year. It did not take drastic changes to my lifestyle, because I am very cheap, and the money I take home I can spend as I want.

I do not earn very much, around 2000€/month, which is way less than avg. Finn income. Still, I know, that if I continue this, I will make way more than those who don’t. Seeing my stocks grow up is like methamphetamine to me.


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