I often see statements online and elsewhere like this, which is totally understandable: illegal poaching is horrible thing to do. Why would anyone do such a thing? You have to understand the motivation behind poaching, or farming drugs, or prostitution, or child labor, or insert a issue here. It is a way to earn.

If you read this, you probably are very well off. Rockefeller himself would be jealous in his age of what today’s middle class takes for itself. Technology and healthcare have evolved so much since then.

Isn’t child labor horrible? Yes, of course it is. But what is the alternative? Child prostitution or outright stealing. Isn’t poaching horrible? Well, as well yes. What is the alternative? Having way less of an living standard.

First world people have problems with this concept, because what they don’t understand: go kill an elephant or die at the street. It might be that drastic.

Of course I condemn most of activities I just listed, but for many people in the world, they are the way of survival and that is why they do them. World is not all shining rainbows like here in Finland, where I live, or in the US, or in most of western civilization.


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