There are many reasons why I chose WordPress to publish this blog. I acknowledge the problems with WordPress, especially I don’t like messy coding behind many plugins, but the ease of using WordPress as well as the scope of many possible plugins is a great bonus.

Bigger reason behind is, that they provide free hosting, in a platform I personally am familiar with using and give out reasonably recognizable domain name for free. I am not willing to spend my hard earned cash in this blog, because the outcome will be the same.

I have done many amateur sites and experimented with basic web programming in php, css and html, but don’t practically like it. Consider this; why as a game designer would you program a new game engine, when there are thousands of engines to choose from? Answer is, that you would program something other engines won’t do that you need.

And what do I need? A platform to publish text, with some images for flavor, in simplistic fashion. I do not need to spend my little free time in programming, even though I sometimes love the problem-solving and learning nature of it.

Reasoning behind the name is me being not very creative.


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