16. Mechanical keyboards are overrated


So I used to own one just like one above. A Tesoro Durandal unit with Cherry MX Blue keys. I kinda liked it first. Good feeling, clicky clack, loud, but fun to use. Feels different from membrane keyboard. Technically way faster (response time). at least when using ps2-connector. Which I did. So what gives?

First, the price. It cost me 60 euros to buy that mech. It is not the cheapest one, as you can get membrane units from anywhere between dumpster and twenty bucks.

Second, the real reason. I like to drink coffee and honestly, eat around my computer table. You see, mechanical keyboards really do not like it and suffer. I have spilled coffee numerous times on my Logitech K120, no problems, I am writing with it right now.

Mechanical does not compute with coffee. I think my unit died at least somewhat of the spilling or it was still water inside. Might be also all the dirt and gunk inside as I opened it, looked like a trashcan.

I think that is enough reasoning for me to not use another 60 euros to a keyboard. I am better off with K120. And your friends won’t hate you if you use any kind of voice com.


15. Spring in Finland


Does not look like that. Two days ago it was like summer once again, sun was shining and it was warm. No snow, just like summer, besides shorter day and being cold in the morning.

Yesterday I looked out of my window in the morning. About 10 cm of snow on top of everything. Be damned. Temperature gauge says something like -3 Celsius. I felt like going back to winter in one day. As I walked to my car I noticed it was time to do my favorite hobby; brushing the snow off it. So annoying in the morning.

That is what spring in Finland is all about. Extreme temperature changes as well as sun showing itself very irregularly. It can rain snow or rain or somewhere in between. It is depressing, at least to me as native Finn, to see snow once again. Summers are short here and I like to enjoy sun and warmth as a privilege.

As summer comes, our massive bodies of thousands of lakes will melt up. They will naturally take some fishers with them to downstream, a nasty truth. It is so fun to go fishing on top of ice- when it is warm- but remember- it might be your last fishing trip.

14. Phone as a tool


I have never understood people who use their phone as primary device to use internet. It feels so clunky, when you have two monitors, better input with keyboard & mouse and a fast computer with programs far outreaching the capability of a “smartphone”, to use one.

I understand it in the sense thought. Internet is an amazing tool and having it “on-the-go” is world-changing. I personally use my phone mostly as a navigator and random google searching.

But why do you use your phone when there is the possibility to use a computer? It is never going to be better. Small screen, non-optimized websites, even worse pop-ups than in desktop and worse, inaccurate input as touchscreen.

I am very biased thought, since I can’t remember the last day I have not used a PC at work or home, or at least a laptop. It must be at least over year ago, maybe at my friends cabin two summers ago. Computer is so great tool.

Computers are dirt-cheap today. You can literally dumpster-dive one or salvage one for five bucks or so. In my opinion, every adult in first world does need a computer or would benefit from it greatly. Phones will never be as good tools in the work.

13. Video games that I love


That tower looks sick. My tower looks not as sick and full of dust. But that is not the topic I want to discuss. I want to discuss video games.

You know, back as a kid it was enough to have good graphics and lots of slposions. Today, what I tend to play is more and more complex. I play and have played lots of real-time strategy games, which I adore. Right now, I play COH 2 actively on the ladder and Starcraft 2 occasionally, as well as AOE 2, AOM with my friends.

Other titles, which I have passion for is simulators, not those shitty goat ones, but those with actually good simulations. I currently am looking forward to fixing my wheel (broke off a cord) or buying a new one. I used to play this game called Live For Speed for days with it. It was just so great in the realism-department- if you hit your car to a wall- you somtimes can continue, but it will be bent.

Other more authistic (sorry in advance for that term) titles include Capitalism 2, which has been one of my favorite games for over 10 years for now, and President Forever 2016, a indie game witch simulates US presidential elections greatly. I admit it, time invested in these two titles would have allowed me to become at least a congressman in US or I would have a legit business.

I play CS GO and stuff like that with my friends, as well as lots of early 2000s shooters, not going to even list all, so many. I also adore cheesy games, ones like cult classic Harvester.

12. Immigration and the need to restrict it


Now this is a touchy subject. That person there is a idealist. He thinks that that open borders would work like magic and everything would be fine with global borders.

I don’t. I don’t think that is going to work for the next thousand years or so. I personally don’t have any issues or had any issues with immigrants. In Finland there is a growing debate about European immigration as is in many European countries. Some people don’t want any asylum-seekers- some hate our government for deporting some.

I am a realist. I am not even going to argue stuff like increased crime rates in asylum population, no. I think that it is impossible to continue our welfare systems as they are, if we take everybody in.

You see, Finland has a population, which is highly educated and we tend to have high GDP per capita. It becomes simple math. We can support some immigration, which is going to consume our government money no matter what, for at least a while. Because we give all of these benefits to immigrants, they will come in increasing numbers, which we can’t afford.

These immigrants are not going to magically start making sweet tax Euros to our gov. They will need training and support and some argue even then they are a burden to carry. We can’t afford too many.

11. I hate making food


I just around recently moved on my own, like five months ago. By the way, it has been over five moths, whoah. One thing I can’t stand is making food. No offense to any cooks out there, but I feel like time making food is wasted and making it is boring. I don’t want to cook for hours.

My diet is something some would describe as trash. At work I eat a good lunch, and the food is cheap, plentiful and good in our workplace, as it has a independent restaurant where you can get it. I eat way too much and then I feel turning in my stomach for the rest of the day. Add-in coffee and it is not happy.

But at home, I eat crackers, candy, easy noodles, add-in water stuff and bread with accessories, which I like. You can do a lot with bread. Add in butter, cheese, meat, cucumber, tomatoes, salad leafs and stuff and it is easy, cheap and especially fast stuff to eat.

Also it is way too easy to order a pizza. I am addicted to it. It is so great and they don’t even take any extra cash if there are lot of orders in the area.

10. Computers are fun toys


I used to not care what my computer was. It was just a tool for me. If you start to research around you can find out that it is way more than just a box many people assume.

Then it came to me, whoah, three years ago. I am a avid PC gamer, but I mostly played very old titles from my childhood or something like CS with my friends. I needed a new computer, prebuild was not good enough. I researched around and what computer is for me changed. Before building one sounded like nuclear science, then it all made sense and felt like legos.

I think I read, watched in video form on Youtube and wish-shopped around for months when I built this computer. I loved picking out parts for different budgets and fiddling around with it.

I finally bought some parts, from Germany. Why? Because taxes are lower there and prices are lower there. Add in EU laws and it is cheaper to order from Germany in Finland.

I remember the day when parts came. I was still studying, so I came from school and had some lunch. Door rang. It was this guy with big box and I was excited, sign this and parts were mine.

Then I stated the assembly. It took the whole day, having some problems with those tiny wires which come from front panels (pc people will know). It did not start. But after fidgeting around, it booted.

It was fun. After installing Windows, I spent many hours just testing different fan speeds, configurations (moving them around the case) and looking at temperatures. I was totally hooked. It is a fun hobby, even tough very expensive one.

9. Coffee and sleep


Look at that. Good cup of coffee. I am a coffee maniac. For instance, today I have drunk, according to my coffee machine’s measurement, 10 cups of small cups of coffee. Lots of caffeine. I love it and am dozy without it.

Today I woke up first time at around 12 am, midday and went to bed yesterday around 00.00. Little bit of sleep deprivation from work and I have no problems sleeping 12 hours, or 16 hours for that matter. I have had days, when after work I just set up my alarm for next morning and sleep for 14 hours, no problem. I am a little baby when it comes to sleep.

After I woke up today, I watched some tv, and slept again at 1 or so. Woke up at 3. I was not ready to wake up? No. I had not had my dose of big cup of coffee.

I love coffee, but I can stop drinking it outright if I have to. But I don’t want to, since it is not dangerous to my health (or I like to assume so and I am a coffeeoholic).

I went trough six months of conscription as many Finn males tend to do and when you are at “the forest” as we like to say practicing fake war, you often don’t have the luxury of coffee or sleep for that matter. It was in the Finnish army that I realized how much it affects my life. I was a zombie. I remember sleeping on hot summer day on my pothole, head resting on my assault rifle.

Caffeine tablets helped a lot. Maybe I am addicted.

8. Statistics are porn to me


Look at that sexy graph. I have no idea what it measures or is supposed to calculate- some number in 2007-2010. It is not interesting.

What makes is interesting is a proposition that graph means something. If I am a car dealer and that graph is cars sold, I can see that my store is stagnant or going down, as well ass can estimate how much car sales vary.

Why do they vary? Do not look at that graph, but you start to think about possibilities. I can think of some. Companies try to beautify their bottom line at annual reports. This is due to two reasons: CEO bonuses and willing to look good for stockholders. It can mean companies don’t buy as many cars late on the year.

Summer is coming and as roads here in north start to show themselves- the urge for some to get a new car is getting stronger. It might have some impact. In long term- back to the graph- many people got laid off during 2008-9 due to global economy. It has some consequences on car buying, meaning they won’t buy a new car if they can’t afford their rent.

I look my stocks up everyday and analyze them a bit. It is fun in my opinion. I want to speculate, why something goes wrong or well. I especially love it when my stocks go up. I am a bit of a stat nut. But remember- a lie bigger than lie is statistics.

7. Work as a routine


I recently (in start of this week) had a trainee start at my workplace and I am supposed to train him. A interesting proposition. I first thought it would be annoying to teach someone, especially since I have never been at any real teaching position. But I knew the trainee and he is hard-working and willing to learn (he was before at other position at our workplace) as well a nice person.

So I started to train him, and everything goes well. Trainee is not the reason I want to talk about this. Trainee made me realize that I became stagnant at work. I had done everything as a routine, and do not feel the work challenges me. Now it does, since I need to teach every possible pitfall to the trainee as well as lead someone.

It is surprisingly fun to train and succeed at training someone. I never thought about being a leader before, but as I started in my current position almost a year ago- I have continuously put myself in positions where I organize and delegate people and I enjoy succeeding at it way more than my work.

Thinking more outside the box, I also had Easter vacation recently, standard in Finland. More like a longer weekend, we got Friday and next Monday off. I realized it. I have nothing to do. I called my friends “want to go out for a drink?” everyone had something to do with family etc. I visited my mother. My life is empty. When I got to work, I have little to no free time- but I have a routine.